Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Catching up!

Thank you all so much for your enthusiastic support of all of our 2012-2103 books and chapbooks. We are thrilled by the response, have sold out of subscriptions for the year, and can't wait to bring out the rest of this year's books and chaps.

So many orders and overlapping releases have put us a little behind on the handmades, but we are catching up as quickly as we can and expect this to be the last week of the slight lag.

If you have placed an order for a subscription and not received a package containing Nonstop Pop and Poems Are the Only Real Bodies, it is going out in the next two or three days. UPDATE: All orders have gone out. There's also an exclusive handmade sampler in there, available only by subscription.

Regular orders are also going out, in the order they were received. If you placed an order for This Is What It Is Like to Be Loved by Me before we marked it SOLD OUT, don't worry, it's coming. (That only affects two of our most recent subscribers.) UPDATE: All orders have gone out. 

Poems Are the Only Real Bodies is officially moving from preorder to available, woohoo! We can't wait to hear what you think of this work by Jennifer Tamayo.

Peter Davis's TINA is also now available everywhere!

As always, direct orders are most beneficial for us, but we also appreciate your support of our independent bookstore partners like Farley's, Powell's, Berl's Brooklyn Bookshop, Vouched in Indianapolis and Atlanta, etc. If you must order from an online retailer like Amazon, look for our own Bloof Books listings there, beneath the Amazon listing, where we discount the books a bit to offset the shipping. Every buck we make goes right back into the press, and our authors are paid for their work (when we have time to catch up on the paperwork, another thing on the desk right now). Anything over and above the cost of producing the books is spent on travel and expenses to readings, renting bookfair tables, etc.

That's the news for now.

Oh, and you have 2.5 more weeks to send your chapbook for the Open Reading Period (details in the post below). We'll start reading in July and will announce the 2014 chapbook series no later than September.

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