Friday, January 30, 2015

We're rethinking our site

This ol' site needs a thorough overhaul and update. We're working on that (and have been researching and learning behind the scenes toward this end for a while now).

Here's a post about the design (which of course includes function and organization, not just good looks) of book-related sites, at Real Pants:

[…]And this is what I’ve been talking about, with regard to book design, really. How can the look/feel/aura of the physical object compel you to touch it, to open it, and then to read what’s inside? What about when you can’t touch it, because you’re online?

[…]What site elements make a great virtual browsing experience, rich enough to give you a real sense of the book? Are there sites you feel do this well? Sites you find bafflingly bald? Presses from which you trust everything will be excellent, sight unseen? Is media like audio/video useful? More pics of the cover and interior? What do you want to see? (Read the rest)

I'd love to get more input from our readers. Let me know what you think?

—Shanna (& Bloof)

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