Friday, July 3, 2015

On the "irreverently imaginative poems" of Jennifer L. Knox

The Poetry Review (UK) has just released their Summer 2015 issue, which includes an omnibus review of all three of Jennifer L. Knox's books. Jack Underwood says, 

The unsettling humour of Knox’s poems is a by-product of what Gabriel Gudding describes as her “satiric empathy. The laughter her poems provokes is a kind of nervous laughter, at the “cultural horror she depicts with complicity as if she too were not entirely innocent of it” (to cite Bill Knott). Class and gender politics gnaw away in Knox’s poems: tangible, but kept complex, dissolved in the kitsch and weirdness[.] 

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Don't forget, Jen's fourth book is coming from Bloof real soon! Days of Shame & Failure is in progress now for fall 2015. 

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