Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Quotidian Bee

In mid-November, Bloof Books officially launched our new weekdaily poetry zine, the Quotidian Bee, featuring selections from small press books, chapbooks & magazines that have not yet appeared online. Submissions will open in January. One poem at a time, with links to the publishers for more information & ordering. Please come & browse.


MON 11/30
"King" by Sandra Beasley

FRI 11/27
 "Black Friday" by Sandra Simonds

THU 11/26
 --no poem today--

WED 11/25/15
"Dear November," by Joanna Fuhrman

TUE 11/24/15
"from The Cities" by Megan Kaminsky

MON 11/23/15
"To Write a Poem" by Barbara Jane Reyes

FRI 11/20/15    
"Untitled" by Marisa Crawford

THU 11/19/15      
"Layla" by Lauren Clark

WED 11/18/15      
"That Outfit Is Smart Because It References Pamela Des Barres" by Gina Abelkop

TUE 11/17/15  
"Dear Other:" by Megan Burns

MON 11/16/15
"Self-Portrait as Shop Window" by Patricia Spears Jones

The Quotidian Bee

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