Friday, November 21, 2008

New shipping rates!

So this morning we noted (happily) an order for 5 copies of Warsaw Bikini in our inbox. "Hooray!" we said.

But then we wondered, "Um, why do 5 books cost $102 when they are only $15 each?"

We took a closer look and realized our shipping calculations were not working well for orders of multiple books.

So we're in the process of fixing them (and we're sending that customer a refund for the excess, plus our apologies).

This error has not affected any other orders. It was only kicking in on multiple orders, not single copies, the preorder special, or any of our previous 2-for bundles. Whew!

So far Warsaw Bikini and Down Spooky have been fixed, and we're working on the others. Should be all set in the next couple of hours. UPDATE: All done!

While we're at it, we decided to restructure the shipping rates, which were previously based on our printer's rates. We use *much* less packaging than they do (and reuse/recycle whenever we can), so these new rates are significantly lower than before.

1 book = $1.68 via First Class Mail (2-7 days)

2 books = $2.70 via First Class Mail (2-7 days)

3-5 books = $4.80 via Priority Mail (2-3 days)

6-25 books = $9.80 via Priority Mail (2-3 days)

26 or more books = $12.95 via Priority Mail (2-3 days)

...and since there are times when you just can't wait a week to get Bloofy, we've added a new option for Priority Shipping for small orders as well:

1-2 books via Priority Shipping = $4.80 (2-3 days)

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