Sunday, September 12, 2010

Poetry! Poetry! Poetry! in The Midwest Book Review

Hey, look at this:
Poetry! Poetry! Poetry!
Peter Davis
Bloof Books
9780982658703, $16.00
Midwest Book Review

As demonstrated by the pieces that comprise Poetry! Poetry! Poetry!, Peter Davis is a master of the prose poem format. A kind of one-man poetry slam (the titles of his poems are as unusual as the poems themselves), the quality of his work is nothing short of impressive and highly recommended reading, especially for those with an appreciation of his contemporary avant garde style. "Poem That Belligerently Addresses People Who Believe I'm Self-Obsessed Or Something Like That":
Well, you have an enormous ego too. That's why you're reading this, you narcissist! Get over yourself! Sure, you're smart because you get what this poem is about and how cool it is, or you get how crappy this poem is, and you know why, but you're still just another reader. So, don't look at me. You're the one obsessed with yourself!

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