Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The bee's got a little buzz...

So when we announced our 2012-2013 list,* we hinted that we'd be doing a few other things too.

And this is one of those things.

We will be instituting an Open Reading Period for Poetry Chapbooks.


No fee. No bullshit.

Details to come once NaPoWriMo is over. But you can start thinking about it now, if you're that sort of thinker.

We also have 2014 forming a beautiful nebula of awesome in our minds.

So basically, we're just teasing you right now? Nah, we're just so excited we had to tell someone.

*Note that things have changed a bit since then. For instance, Shanna's book is now two books Brink (2012) and The Seam (2013). The chapbook(s) we choose from the open reading period will be published in Fall 2012 and/or Spring 2013. TINA by Peter Davis & Natural History Rape Museum by Danielle Pafunda are still both on track for 2013.

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