Monday, December 5, 2011

Virtual: A/V supplement

The readings sounded something like this. (Audio files will open in new windows.)
Note: Chrome doesn't like these audio links for some reason. If you have trouble, please use an alternate browser.

Maureen Thorson (audio): "From Applies to Oranges"

Maureen Thorson (audio): "The Worst That Could Happen"

Peter Davis (audio): "Two poems from Tina"

Shanna Compton (audio): "Various Natural Objects All Heaped Up Together"

Shanna Compton (audio): "Rare Vagrants"

Sandra Simonds:

Kim Gek Lin Short recorded these at General Idea in Philadelphia too: 

Emory University has put our readings on iTunes because they are cool like that: 

We are episodes 38-42. (Be sure to check their archives.)

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