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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

EMPIRE WASTED by Becca Klaver

Empire Wasted
now available for preorder!

Ships in October. 

We are thrilled to bring you this perfect-for-an-election-year-at-the-end-of-the-world new book from one of our favorite poets, Becca Klaver.

"Empire Wasted is an astonishing book, anthemic in its catchiness and the power of its arguments. From the suite of 'Decade Zero,' the years so vacant they don’t even have a name, and the concomitant attraction of the very dreariest productions of the 90s, through to the neo-di Prima fervor of the revolutionary letters, it hits all the right notes." —Kevin Killian

Preorder for $12 + free shipping. That's $7 off. (Reg. $16 + $3 shipping.) 

Plus, the first 50 orders come with a limited-edition postcard set featuring poems and excerpts from the book.
Becca Klaver is the author of the poetry collections LA Liminal (Kore Press, 2010) and Empire Wasted (Bloof Books, forthcoming 2016), and several chapbooks. She's the cohost of the Real Wives of Bohemia podcast with comedian Lauren Besser, and the curator of a new series of Tiny Talks currently underway at Berl's Brooklyn Poetry Shop. (More.)

One of the limited-edition postcards


Think of the empire waist as a dress with a lot of breathing room, in which the body can move within ample space while still remaining hidden. A comparably generous poetics suffuses Becca Klaver’s Empire Wasted, a collection that aims to fashion for the world new space to move inside. Using technology as an instrument to stitch together materials as disparate as tweets and autobiography, this book pays homage to schools it has inherited while thrusting dizzyingly into its own brainy vortex.

Empire Wasted metabolizes the twentieth century into the fashionable neons of a numbing regime. In a fit of collage, the Internet speaks from its most comfortable of media troll outfits, Manhattan gleams in apocalyptic shine and false prophecy, and the 90s deploy a feminist artillery of bell-bottoms, Discmans, and snapping barrettes. As readers, we witness a poetry that shimmies away from its capitalist, patriarchal heirs in favor of a feminist documentary lyric, a poetry that opts to stay in its room all night with Frank O’Hara, Bernadette Mayer, and Reality Bites rather than reenter the party booming below.

Sample poems 

From "Decade Zero"at Sink Review

Announcement! We're doing another book with Peter Davis in 2017.

The future rocks so hard. BAND NAMES by Peter Davis is joining CRAWLSPACE by Nikki Wallschlaeger on our 2017 list, scheduled for fall. More about this to come!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Forthcoming in 2017: Crawlspace by Nikki Wallschlaeger

Crawlspace by Nikki Wallschlaeger

Bloof is thrilled to announce the first book in our 2017 lineup: CRAWLSPACE by Nikki Wallschlaeger. We have already had the pleasure of working with Nikki on her graphic chapbook, I Hate Telling You How I Really Feel, and we can't wait to bring this new book to you next spring. 

The second book by the author of Houses, CRAWLSPACE collects thirty-six pieces built on the foundation of the sonnet, ranging in length from fourteen lines to longer works stacking multiple sonnets into linked sequences. CRAWLSPACE deepens and extends the house metaphor from Wallschlaeger's first book, while opening up more initmate and sometimes darker intellectual territory. Where Houses explored the mental/emotional/physical sheltered spaces in which we live out and construct our lives, Crawlspace explores the the more constricted spaces, the tighter concealed passages running above and below. These sonnets aim to be "very very fraught with you." 

Publication is scheduled for April 2017. Advance copies will be available in February (in time for AWP). To reserve a review copy or invite Nikki to do a reading in the spring, contact Shanna Compton: info at bloof books dot com.

"Form is everywhere & it’s useless to deny it, so I like to play with the illusion of having control. This is from a series of sonnets that I’ve placed into small buildings, but since the bank owns the buildings that I move in, I am only paying mortgage. We have an understanding. The sonnet has agreed to the task of my subversions, that the security guard is on a permanent lunch break so we can get inside. A window that is open on the top floor? A claw in the painting? These are my micro-victories against hegemony."

Nikki Wallschlaeger is the author of Houses (Horse Less, 2015), and the chapbooks I Hate Telling You How I Really Feel (Bloof, 2016) and I Would Be the Happiest Bird (Horse Less, 2014). She is currently at work on a book of sonnets called Crawlspace, some of which can be found in the Brooklyn RailFanzineElective Affinities, the Account, the Inquisitive Eater, and elsewhere.

Excerpts & Media

Poems from Crawlspace have appeared in the Brooklyn Rail, P-Queue, TheThe Poetry Blog, the Account, Fanzine, Elective Affinities, Dusie, the Philadelphia Review, Quaint Magazine, the Enemy, the Inquisitive Eater, the Poetry Project Newsletter & elsewhere.

Sonnet (36)

Face me in your sonnets so I can permanently grieve
is really what the roses say to the antebellum purling 
dogtags of myself. It’s one of our common flowers
along with the gardenia, violet, & heady geranium
leaning into a postcard advertising vintage weedkiller.
It makes it difficult to approach the crowd with love,
I turn an unnatural whip of red like a baboon’s crypt.
Whether or not they like it depends on their versions
of paternalistic stylecraft, the jetskis they rode in on
red and black girls grown for their gutted waterpetals.
Afterwards I hear their toasts while I pour champagne
to health and happiness. I trip on a slab of calf muscle,
the grooms giving the essential lists of panting warning
It is the big gulp of seaworld sacraments I have sampled

when they asked me to be a bridesmaid in topos red tulle,
the families who have grown me out of hysterical divide.
I have been their servant. I’ve listened to their decimations
of languor, that slow cookin is always the best way to unite.
I’ve been pregnant before and I will be wrecked pregnant 
again: heavier with the tree slits of Mary Turner’s baby
who sings of rapturous hexes oiled by the truly innocent.
These Dostoyevskian friends, what can you say to them
who choose the inconsequential as their primary crime.
Like the good shigella drugged citizens that they are,
they handwax the long calvacade of cars with Jackie O
fibroids, the journeymen specializing in overseeing
plant lacuna switches & steel workboots that massacre
babies not ready to be born w/ tinted glass is my belly

all the babies covered in secret eyes blinking for our nights
running with their infant infareds, flashing through the paths.
We are in hiding. We make pot roast sandwiches for senators
as I trace my eyes down to the documents being fabricated
over their lunch hours I know I will have to wipe down this
table when they finish. A newspaper asks,” How many words
can you make out of the word arrogate?” next to a crossword
puzzle about cinema noir. How much of it can be destroyed
if it’s designed to kill you cuz Baldwin says here it comes again
when you’ve already been walking for miles, talkin back to cops
and your voice gets auto-tuned swelled with dripping generations
of statesmen. By the glow of mycelium lakes who are connecting
the old growth trees for shelter: We, as marked women transform
ourselves. We are the wood violets and roses stretching in the rain. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Jennifer L. Knox in NYC: May 31, June 1 & 2

Tuesday, May 31: New York, NY / 7:00 p.m.
Jennifer L. Knox, Ada Limón & Jason Schneiderman Bryant Park Reading Room Avenue of the Americas between 40th & 42nd The Reading Room is on the 42nd side of the park (look for the burgundy umbrellas) Bryant Park Events Calendar
Wednesday, June 1: New York, NY / 7:00 p.m.
Jennifer L. Knox, Laura Sims & Carey McHugh Pen & Brush 29 East 22nd Street Facebook Events Page Series Events Calendar
Thursday, June 2: Brooklyn, NY / 7:00 p.m. Sharon Mesmer, Jennifer L. Knox, Natalie Eilbert & Jason Schneiderman Berl’s Brooklyn Poetry Shop 126A Front Street, DUMBO Events Calendar

Monday, May 16, 2016

Exercises in Painting by Khadijah Queen

Exercises in Painting
Khadijah Queen

PREORDER: June 2016
Hand-sewn in natural twine
Natural White Felt Textured 80# Cover, full-color inkjet
Natural Smooth 70# Text Interior, b&w laser jet
5.5 x 8.5
24 pages

Bloof Books Chapbooks Series
Volume 3: Issue 5 (2016)
ISSN 2373-163X

>> Limited to 100 copies <<
Because we offer annual subscriptions and 20 go to the author, many of these are already reserved. ONLY 40 are still available, as of this moment.

Order via Square

Prefer PayPal?

Additional shipping is required for international orders. Please email us at sales at bloof books dot com to place international orders.

A photo posted by Bloof Books (@bloofbooks) on


__________________ after dreaming that hungry women may resort to violence 
An all-woman riot in the wilderness &
chained vultures & wolves smell the brawl
from their caves & forests policing, by force
of habit wanting everything for themselves
but the women channel a raging
feast, raining from the sky &
pushing up from the ground, so the animals
only end up eyeballing
bits of sky between the dull cloud of rank
wings & bared teeth

"__________ my loved blacknesses & some blacknesses I knew" at Poetry

Three more from the chapbook at Dreginald


Khadijah Queen is the author of four books, most recently Fearful Beloved (2015), and four chapbooks. In 2015, The Relationship theater company staged her verse play, Non-Sequitur, in NYC as part of the Leslie Scalapino Award for Innovative Women Performance Writers, with publication by Litmus Press. Individual poems appear in Brooklyn Magazine, Tin House, Fence, jubilat, Best American Nonrequired Reading, Powder: Writing by Women in the Ranks from Vietnam to Iraq, and widely in other journals and anthologies. Her fifth book, I’m So Fine: A List of Famous Men & What I Had On, will be published by YesYes Books in spring 2017. She is core faculty for the low residency Mile-High MFA program at Regis University.

Cover painting: Untitled (2010), Khadijah Queen

Exercises in Painting is the fifth chapbook in the 2015–2016 series from Bloof Books. Each chapbook in the series is released in a limited edition of one hundred numbered copies, followed by a digital release, and eventually in a combination volume called Bound.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Process Pamphlet #1: Censored Interview, CAConrad interviewed by Jasmine Platt


This is an unscheduled flash project—when we heard this piece needed a home we jumped at the chance & completed the editing/design in about ten hours. Preorder to reserve a copy if you want the printed chapbook. (The digital releases are free.) We don't know how many of these there will be. Right now we're not putting a cap on the print run.

The Library of Congress* Censored Interview

CAConrad interviewed by Jasmine Platt

*Not published by the Library of Congress

Prose / Poetics
Bloof Books Process Pamphlets #1

May 2016
5 x 6 inches, hand trimmed
Mohawk i-Cream Eco Tone Cover
Inkjet-printed with Avery label** & Sharpie
Laser-printed Mohawk Natural Smooth 70lb Text interior
Saddle stapled
16 pages | $3*

Purchase via Square above
Prefer PayPal? Here you go:

*$1 from each printed copy sold will be donated to LAMBDA LEGAL ( for their tireless battle to protect LGBTQ people in the United States. (They are not affiliated with the press or this project, except as our designated beneficiary for donations.) The other $2 covers materials & postage.

**Cover label may vary in color across the print run

FREE SHIPPING is for US/Canada only. Additional shipping is required for international orders. Place international orders via PayPal (Square will not accept them), and we will email you with details (and if you don't like them, we will refund). The extra postage would eat into what we're able to donate to Lambda Legal.


"This is a call to poets to stand together and vow to never change what we write and what we say when any part of the government body asks this of us." 
"No matter how many poems I write I cannot undo my complicity, I cannot reverse the sea of gravestones, and my poems will never be an apology worth a single life taken by our collective national ignorance, greed and irrational fear." 
"We need as many people being creative right now as possible because it is the creative people who will solve the problems facing the survival of our species."


"It appears that the Library of Congress asked CAConrad to participate in a new interview series with poets, only to turn around afterward and decline to run the piece! Lucky for us, and not so much for LOC, Shanna Compton at Bloof Books as published The Library of Congress* CENSORED INTERVIEW, as it is now titled, as a full printed chapbook. Compton has also made the publication available as a free download.

"Conrad’s conversation with Platt is unsurprisingly straightforward about the realities of being a citizen–much less a poet–in a climate of injustice, war, and unrest. Conrad also speaks to how somatic practice affects his poetry, what it means to speak through character (as in The Book of Frank), what a vision for queer poetry might look like, and more."


CAConrad’s childhood included selling cut flowers along the highway for his mother and helping her shoplift. He is the author of eight books of poetry and essays. The latest, ECODEVIANCE: (Soma)tics for the Future Wilderness (Wave Books), is the winner of the 2015 Believer Magazine Book Award. He is a Pew Fellow and has also received fellowships from Lannan Foundation, MacDowell Colony, Headlands Center for the Arts, Banff, and Ucross. For his books and details on the documentary The Book of Conrad (Delinquent Films, 2016), please visit

Jasmine Platt lives in the melodic belly of the word. She is an English Writing graduate of Boise State University, with previous membership to both the University of Maryland’s MFA program and to the Poetry and Literature Center of the Library of Congress. At present, she is a librarian pursuing a career in public arts administration. She also pursues bones, aspen leaves, and the cynical crashing of the waves. She lives in Idaho.


The Library of Congress Censored Interview is the inaugural volume in a new (and probably irregular) Bloof Books handmade series called Process Pamphlets.

This chapbook is being simultaneously released in free e-book & PDF formats. You may SHARE, COPY & REDISTRIBUTE this pamphlet for *noncommercial purposes* with attribution to the authors and


PDF print (as pages) 
PDF print (as spreads)  
PDF interactive (clickable links, as pages) 
PDF interactive (clickable links, as spreads)

ePub (reflowable) 

(I'm not putting up a .mobi file since they have not been widely used in the past. However, if you read on a Kindle and want it that way, I will. Just comment or send me a note. —SC)

Thursday, May 5, 2016

COMING SOON! The Rest Is Censored by K. Lorraine Graham


The Rest Is Censored
K. Lorraine Graham
ISBN: 978-0-9965868-3-2
5.5 x 8.5
Trade Paper Original
106 pages

Preorder Special through June: $13
$3 off (reg. $16 + shipping)
Ships in June

A second edition of The Rest Is Censored by K. Lorraine Graham is forthcoming from Bloof Books. This book was very briefly released by another press last year, but our new edition has been totally redesigned and corrected, and we are treating it as a new release to ensure it receives the readership it deserves.

Purchase via Square above
Prefer PayPal? Here you go:

"Lay the pieces of languaged life of your, next to one another, they were moved from, they moved, me. If I don't misunderstand you, KLG, you are coding these pieces of languaged, life, as poetry. It is very good poetry. I think, of poets who bring a day, into the poem—Leslie Scalapino, Larry Eigner, Joanne Kyger—Lorraine Graham on a bus in California—and I am given pause, is changing, misunderstanding can, get to, life through, this." —CATHERINE WAGNER


"K. Lorraine Graham’s The Rest Is Censored also takes a look at the day and what one does to get through it. And it captures concern of not wanting what is expected: 'Wake up in a panic / about real estate / about not wanting it.' It also captures a life lived variously, which includes panic as well as connection to others and beauty.' 
"The wide-ranging exploration of a life reminded me that there are so many others (perhaps all poets?) who are trying to figure out how to live, and while they may not arrive at any answers, the journey is well worth it. 
"The Rest Is Censored reminds me of Fanny Howe’s essay 'Bewilderment,' where she offers one possible definition of the lyric: '[I]t is a method of searching for something that can't be found. It is an air that blows and buoys and settles. It says, "Not this, not this," instead of, "I have it."' Howe describes serial poems as spirals, and writes of the spiral-walker, '[T]here is no plain path, no up and down, no inside or outside. But there are strange returns and recognitions and never a conclusion.' Poetry makes sense to me for this reason: it is willing to raise questions and be happy to not arrive at answers."


K. Lorraine Graham is a writer and visual artist. She is the author of Terminal Humming (Edge Books, 2009) and The Rest Is Censored (Bloof Books, 2016). After a decade in California and an MFA at the University of California San Diego, she lives in Washington, DC, again. Wherever she lives, she lives with Lester Young, a pacific parrotlet.