Monday, December 5, 2011

Virtual: A/V supplement

The readings sounded something like this. (Audio files will open in new windows.)
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Maureen Thorson (audio): "From Applies to Oranges"

Maureen Thorson (audio): "The Worst That Could Happen"

Peter Davis (audio): "Two poems from Tina"

Shanna Compton (audio): "Various Natural Objects All Heaped Up Together"

Shanna Compton (audio): "Rare Vagrants"

Sandra Simonds:

Kim Gek Lin Short recorded these at General Idea in Philadelphia too: 

Emory University has put our readings on iTunes because they are cool like that: 

We are episodes 38-42. (Be sure to check their archives.)

Virtual: Tour Pics (Two)

Anne left us (and some other things)
in Atlanta
We headed for Mississippi
Wasted no time heading for Square Books in Oxford

We met Tim & Sallie's
cute dog (and 4 cats)
Then we read with Emileigh Barnes (center)...

Shanna at Bozarts Bozarts Gallery in Water Valley

Maureen & Tim Earley at Bozarts

It sure is.
Another great bookstore in Fayetteville

One of their cats chills.
The other steals tomatoes.

Where the Henriksens threw us all a pizza party
Matt introduces everyone

Sandra at Nightbird Books

Peter clarifies: He does
not really "like" Hitler

Mary Austin Speaker & Chris Martin, rapping

Somehow the next day we were in Kansas City.

Sandra's Mommy Listserv poem

Pete was reading at this point
Hi, Megan Kaminski (left)

Jordan Stempleman 
This means it's over

Celebratory toast post-finale: vending machine wine

Virtual: Tour Pics (One)

Anne Boyer at Pete's Big Candy Store | Multifarious Array

Ryan Eckes in Brooklyn too
Jennifer L. Knox in Philly
at General Idea | Fergie's
Maureen Thorson met us in Philadelphia

We fly the same class as the dead

Indian Springs School in Birmingham, AL boasts this lovely lake

Also Douglas Ray & Jessica Smith (lucky students)
Anne at Freedom March site in BHAM

Ask the Ans-O-Phone oracle

Maureen & Anne | Lyric Theatre, Birmingham
Shenandoah Davis in Tuscaloosa = wow
(Alas we took no reading pics)
"Buy Two Get One Free," he said

Maureen in Tally
Bloof Books + Grey Book Press (Scott Sweeney)

Patricia Lockwood joined us in Tallahassee
And we met up with Sandra. Josephine Yu
& Rich Curtis also read with us that night. 

Tallahassee dawn, draperies of spanish moss
"Oh, cotton!"

House of Nuts
Eye level for impulse shoppers. Only one jar remains

Dinner in Atlanta with Bruce & Gina
Glass city, overly glaring

Peter joined us in Atlanta
Maureen at Emory B&N

Shanna & Bruce

Friendly Atlantans, also a little shy