Saturday, April 26, 2014

kjk #20 (day 26)

when I was a boy

I had a gun that shot dragons
and inside the smallest densest dragon
was a fireseed
and when I shot the gun accidentally
(my middle name was accidentally)
over the backyard fence
and through the window of the house
nextdoor where people in the house
lived, that dragon flew into a room
and met a child who ate its seed
and grew into a woman
whose words bloomed and seered
like forks held over a stove then applied
to the cheek in the cannibal marks
we wear to go to war. That day I wanted to mark
her, and every day after. She wanted something else.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

More APRIL happenings of BLOOF

UPDATE: We were right that we were missing things! More additions since we first posted. New items are highlighted.

Thanks to everyone who came out to see us last week at the NYC/CUNY Chapfest and the Buffalo Small Press Book Fair! And to the organizers too. We'll definitely be back for both next year.

In addition to the NaPoWriMo madness happening here at the blog, we've also got several more events happening this month, IRL. Last night, Peter Davis hosted Jennifer L. Knox and Ada Limón at Ball State, which I personally would have given my third thumb to witness. Sigh.

Here's a quick list, with more info on our Events page.

Thursday, April 10
Jackie Clark & Shanna Compton  in New York, NY
First Annual Faculty & Alumni Book Party at the New School
with David Lehman, Amy Lawless, Dan Magers, Steven Karl, 
Jackie Clark, Craig Morgan Teicher, Nicole Steinberg
& other luminaries too numerous to list in full
Facebook event page

Thursday, April 10
Becca Klaver & Jennifer Tamayo  in Raleigh, NC
So & So Series
with Marisa Crawford, Hannah Gamble & Lily Ladewig
Facebook event page

Friday, April 11
Daniel Borzutzky in Brooklyn, NY

The Multifarious Array with Mark Cugini & Connie Mae Oliver
Facebook event page

Saturday, April 12
Pattie McCarthy in Philadelphia, PA

Philly Poetry Day at Port Richmond Books
with Frank Sherlock, Jenn McCreary & Chris McCreary
Facebook event page

Saturday, April 12
Becca Klaver & Jennifer Tamayo  in Washington, DC
with Marisa Crawford & Lily Ladewig 
Facebook event page 

Sunday, April 13
Shanna Compton  in Philadelphia, PA
Jubilant Thicket Reading Series
with Jason Zuzga & Brian Warfield
Facebook event page

Saturday, April 19
Jennifer L. Knox in Racine, WI
with Robert J. Baumann & Julie Meckler for Bonk! 67
Facebook event page

Wednesday, April 23
Shanna Compton  in New York, NY
60 Morning Talks by Andy Fitch at The Kitchen
with Jenny Zhang, Dorothea Lasky, Thom Donovan, 
Tan Lin & Christopher Schmidt
Facebook event page

Monday, April 28
Jennifer L. Knox in El Cajon, CA
Grossmont College Literary Festival
Facebook event page

kjk #10


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Live on the Internet: A Diary (April 2)

We have a new book and a new chapbook... we want to keep them on the front page of the blog for now, so new visitors can find them quickly.

The NaPoWriMo poems are still happening. Just scroll down a bit.

You can also always find the books in our store.