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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

April is coming…

 …and this space will once again host daily drafts and work-in-progress by Bloof poets + a few friends!

We will be sharing links via FB and Twitter as things appear, but check here daily because the drafts tend to disappear as new ones are posted.

If you want to play along, see Maureen Thorson's for more info and to add your site. (She offers daily prompts if you find those useful, too.)

   Our participating poets (alpha by last name)   

(click name for tagged drafts)

Shanna Compton
author of Brink (Bloof 2013), For Girls & Others (Bloof 2008), Down Spooky (Winnow 2005, Bloof 2017), and The Hazard Cycle (Bloof, forthcoming) 

Peter Davis
author of Band Names (Bloof, forthcoming), TINA (Bloof 2013), and Poetry! Poetry! Poetry! (Bloof, 2010)

Natalie Eilbert
author of Swan Feast (Bloof 2015), Conversations with the Stone Wife (Bloof 2014), and Indictus (Noemi, forthcoming)

Farrah Field
guest poet, author of Rising and Wolf & Pilot (Four Way Books)

K. Lorraine Graham
author of The Rest Is Censored (Bloof 2017) and Terminal Humming (Edge, 2009)

Hailey Higdon
author of Packing (Bloof 2013)
Packing also appears in BOUND (Bloof 2015)

Kirsten Kaschock
author of Windowboxing: A Dance with Saints in Three Acts (Bloof, 2013), Confessional Sci-Fi: A Primer (Subito, 2017), The Dottery (Pitt, 2014), Sleight (Coffee House, 2011), A Beautiful Name for a Girl (Ahsahta, 2011), Unfathoms (Slope, 2004). Windowboxing also appears in BOUND (Bloof 2015)

author of Empire Wasted (Bloof, 2016), Nonstop Pop (Bloof 2013), and LA Liminal (Kore Press 2010)
Nonstop Pop also appears in BOUND (Bloof 2015)

Jennifer L. Knox
author of A Gringo Like Me (Bloof 2007), Drunk by Noon (Bloof 2007), The Mysteries of the Hidden Driveway (Bloof 2010), and Days of Shame & Failure (Bloof 2015)

guest poet, author of Saint Nobody (Red Hen, 2009) and Fine Motor (Sow’s Ear Poetry Review Press, 2008).

guest poet, author of the forthcoming MOREMOREMORE cowritten with Danielle Pafunda.

coauthor of Hymn: An Ovulution (Bloof 2015), And/Or (Switchback, 2015), and Juned (YesYes, 2017)

Danielle Pafunda
author of The Dead Girls Speak in Unison (Bloof, 2017), Natural History Rape Museum (Bloof, 2013), Manhater (Dusie, 2012), Iatrogenic: Their Testimonies (Noemi, 2010), My Zorba (Bloof, 2008), Pretty Young Thing (Soft Skull, 2005)

Catie Rosemurgy
author of First the Burning & Then the Witches (Bloof, forthcoming in 2017), Stranger Manual (Graywolf, 2009), My Favorite Apolcalypse (Graywolf, 2001)

Maureen Thorson (at her own site)
author of The Woman, the Mirror, the Eye (Bloof 2015), My Resignation (Shearsman, 2014), Applies to Oranges (Ugly Duckling, 2011)

Jared White
author of This Is What It Feels Like to Be Loved by Me (Bloof 2013), My Former Politics (H_NGM_N 2013) and YELLOWCAKE (Cannibal 2009). This Is What It Feels Like to Be Loved by Me also appears in BOUND (Bloof 2015)

 & probably a few more!

Hymn: An Ovulution is now a free ebook PDF

It appears you don't have a PDF plugin for this browser, or are using a mobile device. Use the links below to download a copy. If you're using an iPhone or iPad, open the pdf in iBooks.

Get the PDF (272 KB)

HYMN: An Ovulution
Mel Coyle & Jenn Marie Nunes

Hand sewn
Curious Metallic Gold Leaf cover with pink ink
Passion Fruit pink translucent flyleaves
Cream card stock frontispiece
Natural 70 lb. text b/w interior
4.25 x 7

SOLD OUT, now a free ebook PDF (3/30/2017)

HYMN: An Ovulution is the second chapbook in the 2015 series from Bloof Books. Each chapbook in the series is released in a limited edition of one hundred numbered copies, followed by a digital release, and eventually a combination volume called Bound.

ISSN 2373- 1648 Online
This is the electronic edition
March 2017

"Across from the title page of Mel Coyle and Jenn Marie Nunes’s HYMN: An Ovulution is a line drawing of Hera, her face set in an Elvis-like sneer. This visual reference to Elvis makes sense: Coyle and Nunes’ paean to Hera—queen bitch of the Olympic gods, cow-eyed and regal, dispensing vengeance from her peacock-drawn chariot—structures itself around both the call-and-response structures Elvis took from R&B and the blues, and the strophe/antistrophe patterns of ancient Greek theater. If this sounds erudite, it is: the poem circles around real and false etymologies. [...] It's a performance of matriarchy to make crowds go wild." —MC Hyland, Rain Taxi


HUM < W > ME

her main reaction is blank bovine stare.
Hera knows where the $$ comes from. to give
her some idea of the landscape it’s porcine
February and the biscuits ain’t risin’

HUM < W > ME

down bondage and braille

HUM < W > ME

down pink plastic selfies and sluts.
the fogwitch goes in and out. in and out.
Hera’s left defrosting the ladder

HUM < W > ME

there’s another string of fur at her throat

HUM < W > ME

the fogwitch knows where the Dr. keeps
his other. under the matte black slacks
and filled to the brim with coca-cola

HUM < W > ME

Hera wonders did she eat the animal beneath
the fur. her lips and fingers are blue. she leaves
prints on the satin documentation. she leaves
prints where no one will find ’em

HUM < W > ME


HUM < W > ME


HUM < W > ME

and quit smoking. freedom is yours

HUM < W > ME

the Dr. ain’t in but he sure ain’t out.
the waves are on repeat today

HUM < W > ME

Hera won’t come down

HUM < W > ME

wild anti-pilgrims snapchat the streets

HUM < W > ME

it’s media day at the ashram

HUM < W > ME

the future is coming into focus. the sentiment
is not new and neither are the Hitler references.
the headline reads: Hera Sheds Curfew
(comma) Realizes Capital Gains

HUM < W > ME

in like a lion

HUM < W > ME

out like a lesbian

Mel Coyle & Jenn Marie Nunes

Mel Coyle is from Chicago and other places where the corn grows. Currently, she lives in Ohio where she coedits TENDE RLOIN, an online poetry gallery. You can find some of her work online.

Jenn Marie Nunes is the author of four chapbooks, including Object Reference Not Set to an Instance of Object from dancing girl press. Her work appears most recently in Similar:Peaks::, Tupelo Quarterly, Smoking Glue Gun, and Southeast Fiction, and she is coeditor of TENDE RLOIN, an online gallery for poetry. Her first full-length collection, selected by Switchback Books as the winner of their first-ever Queer Voices Award, is And/Or, and Juned is now available from YesYes Books.