Monday, May 31, 2010

The New Yorker this week...

...features "Pimp My Ride" by Jennifer L. Knox.

The cover depicts the creatures of the Gulf calling for testimony from an evil *%$#&@ in a suit.

For those of you visiting via The Google seeking more info on Ms. Knox, we're pleased to tell you we're publishing her third book this fall.

It's called The Mystery of the Hidden Driveway, and will sport another awesome cover painting by Charles Browning in a design by Charlie Orr. (Sorry we can't show you yet.)

In the meantime, you'll want to pick up Drunk by Noon and A Gringo Like Me, Jen's first two books. Hey, we got those!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Jennifer L. Knox (& more) at Charlie Orr's The Hypothetical Library

In case you missed it, Charlie Orr's [awesome] new design blog The Hypothetical Library recently featured Ms. Knox as a guest designer.

Or shall we say, guest plagiarizer? Guest vandalist?


Mark Bittman, come to find out, has a sense of humor. Whew.

If you have not yet checked out The Hypothetical Library, go do so now. Charlie Orr is one of those rare folks who reads poetry--and even goes to poetry readings--while not writing poems himself. He has designed both of Jen's books for Bloof (and will be doing her third), as well as a bunch of other poetry stuff, and recently guest-blogged about these projects for the Best American Poetry blog:

Designs for Reb Livingston
Designs for Shanna Compton
Designs for Jennifer L. Knox
Designs for Kenneth Koch, David Lehman, Jim Cummins & LIT

In the last week and a half he ran a totally rad three-part on Neil Gaiman, featuring an unreadable apocalypse-inducing hypothetical book in three formats: hardcover, audio & digital. Yeah, Twitter went nuts. Start here.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Early reviews for Poetry! Poetry! Poetry!

Yes, this is a cake decorated to look like PPP by Peter Davis. How cool is that?

Reb Livingston at We Who Are About to Die:
Last month at the AWP conference in Denver, I had the pleasure of hearing Peter Davis read at two off-site events. One thing was confirmed: drunks love Peter Davis’ poems. This is not an admission of my own looped state. I’m somebody’s mother. Perhaps the drunken connect to Poetry! Poetry! Poetry! (Bloof Books) has to do with its exhilarated title and excessively self-conscious poems. These poems really want you to like them. They beg for love.

Adam Robinson at HTMLGIANT:
Peter Davis’s new collection, Poetry! Poetry! Poetry!, is just asking to be reviewed. Literally. The poems, each one an address, are not poems so much as they are statements of what the poem is saying, and what they are saying in many cases is: I’d love it if you would write about this poem at your blog or in a review at a very good journal. Davis wants to get a tenure-line job as badly as he wants the reader to like the work. I thought at the beginning that the gag would become tiresome as the poems went along, but on the contrary — the more I read, the deeper the spread and in spite of their homeliness, the book becomes a really beautiful thing. The way this book works will take a long time to figure out.

Joshua Corey on his blog, Cahiers de Corey:
Bloof's latest, Peter Davis' Poetry! Poetry! Poetry! [...] made me laugh out loud. They're prose poems that are kind of like the voice-overs to other poems.

Sean Lovelace, who also posts a video of Pete reading:
I’ve seen him read these before and it kills. The delivery, the subject, the meta. I don’t find that many poems truly funny, as in layered funny. Davis does that. Get the fucking book is what I’m saying. It is and is not poetry. That’s the thing to me. It is wonderful. It is odd.

Direct link to the YouTube thingy.

But where oh where can you get one (with a 100% totally straight spine)? We just happen to know a place.