Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring inventory

pot of yellow tulips barely open
no buds on trees
bottles empty bottles empty bottles
you when you came back around
fifteen hundred fewer dollars
new glasses new locket
casual shirts
jeans for the first time in years
Sylvia with no idea how long she is
Contessa ever vigilant
Bossypants trade paper
Hot Balls & Nuggle bar 
& Mount Gay rum, Bajan smuggles
coconut cream & pineapple juice
purchased in these united states 
right around the corner
question for research:
is it piƱa colada season yet 
or again?
Mr. Lonely on Netflix
Spring Breakers in theaters
James Franco feminist prankos
old digital camera for new project
it takes the best shitty video
some more questions for research
(British emphasis)
how is a walk like a poem?
gender? gentrification?
generative jaunts &
we're starting to hoard a lot of crap
well, some of it is cool guitars
that carpeted orange cube 
has got to go, tho
apologies to the cats
and the bugs
and the shadows--

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shanna said...

hoot! holler! james franco!