Thursday, November 8, 2007

Bloof invades the Midwest Territories

Advance warning so there's plenty of time for you to sweep the cobwebs outta the fallout shelter in your backyard, lay in some canned goods, toiletries, purified water, matches, etc. & get whatever shots you're gonna need:

Bloof Books will be making a tour of the Midwest...& possibly West...come April.

Here's what the schedule looks like so far:
April 2: Shanna Compton at the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, WI.
April 3: Jennifer L. Knox, Danielle Pafunda & Shanna Compton at the Fixx Series in Chicago, IL.
April 4: TBD
April 5: TBD
April 6: Jennifer L. Knox, Danielle Pafunda & Shanna Compton at the Actual Kansas Series in Lawrence, KS.

We're also planning to hit Fargo, ND (date to come), and possibly Iowa City (where, as we know from "The Best Thanksgiving Ever,"* Jennifer's spent "a lot of time.")

So where else should we go? We've got this roadtrip thing down. Four or five hours in a car is nothing for poets with our stamina. Heck, we've done much as 10.5 at once, back in 'aught-five. (Those were the days.) We've got a cooler.

If you're in the Midwest or West Coast--or really any place at all--we'd like to come see you. If you invite us, we'll do our best to get there. Shoot us an email (address in the sidebar).

*A holiday favorite from A Gringo Like Me & way less risky than turducken.

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