Thursday, January 17, 2008

Heaping praise upon Drunk by Noon

Woot. Two new reviews of Jennifer L. Knox's Drunk by Noon:
Ben Mirov in Coldfront sez, "[Drunk by Noon] is a series of beautiful failures linked together by the imaginative desire to fail again and again in highly enjoyable and creative ways."

& "Not since I first read James Tate have I encountered a poet who is able create a world that is at once so bizarrely asymmetrical to ours and yet somehow uncannily accurate in its portrayal of humanness."

& many other nice things.

Chris Purdom in PhilArt compares Drunk by Noon to a very wild ride of a careening cable car & recommends, "It's that good. Seriously. Go buy a copy. Now."

The Grand Opening Specials are available through the end of this month, at the Bloof Store. Drunk by Noon is also available via (as well as the physical store in Portland, OR),, these great booksellers, or your favorite store can order it for you via Ingram.

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