Friday, December 19, 2008

Bloofy news galore

1. Sandra Simonds' Warsaw Bikini has been enthusiastically reviewed by Mark Wallace here (along with CAConrad's Deviant Propulsion and others) & Zach Barocas here. More reviews to come--we're still mailing out publicity copies, and the official publication date (for distribution outlets) is late January/early February. (But don't let that stop you! Get it now in our store.)

2. Danielle Pafunda's My Zorba was recognized as one of the Best Poetry Books of 2008 by the St. Louis Dispatch, along with books by Frank Bidart, Jack Spicer & others. Impressive company, no? (Naturally, we couldn't agree more.)

3. No Tell Books has been running an absorbing series of "best of" posts at their new blog and Bloof titles pop up a few times there as well: My Zorba makes Evie Shockley's list & Bruce Covey includes My Zorba and Warsaw Bikini in his. (Vielen Dank!)

4. Sprechst du Deutsch? Jennifer L. Knox is now available in a bilingual German/English edition called Wir fürchten uns, containing selections from both of Knox's Bloof books, published by Lux Books. Our German is a bit rusty, but we're pretty sure this review in Berlinliteraturkritik is a rave, too! (Babelfish translation here.) Danke schön!

5. Finally, don't miss Jennifer L. Knox this Sunday, December 21, in DC. She'll be reading with Reb Livingston & Casey Smith for the In Your Ear series. Details here & here.

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