Sunday, June 21, 2009

Despite all the rain, it's Warsaw Bikini season

Nate Logan gives a shout out as part of No Tell's Summer Reading series:
"I've wanted to dive into this book for a long time and am now finally getting the opportunity. Simonds imagination runs wild in this book and it's a delight to tag along with her in the wilderness."

And from a new review in Coldfront by Jason Schneiderman:
"At her best, Simonds plays with the making of meaning, slipping around in the language until you both see how language can’t not mean, even though those unavoidable meanings are deeply unstable. The first poem is called 'I Serengeti You,' setting up precisely the kind of play she intends to engage in. And who doesn’t want to be Serengeti-ed? It sounds exotic and dangerous and intimate. [...] Simonds’s work has a kind of ferocity that barrels each poem forward of its own accord, never quite allowing the reader to find clear footing. Perhaps a better description is that the poems are seeking a reader who’d rather have the footing shift. [...]Simonds is brilliant at capturing the shallow and casual patterns of contemporary American speech and thought, putting pressure on them and presenting them back to us."

Get yours here.

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