Friday, May 28, 2010

Jennifer L. Knox (& more) at Charlie Orr's The Hypothetical Library

In case you missed it, Charlie Orr's [awesome] new design blog The Hypothetical Library recently featured Ms. Knox as a guest designer.

Or shall we say, guest plagiarizer? Guest vandalist?


Mark Bittman, come to find out, has a sense of humor. Whew.

If you have not yet checked out The Hypothetical Library, go do so now. Charlie Orr is one of those rare folks who reads poetry--and even goes to poetry readings--while not writing poems himself. He has designed both of Jen's books for Bloof (and will be doing her third), as well as a bunch of other poetry stuff, and recently guest-blogged about these projects for the Best American Poetry blog:

Designs for Reb Livingston
Designs for Shanna Compton
Designs for Jennifer L. Knox
Designs for Kenneth Koch, David Lehman, Jim Cummins & LIT

In the last week and a half he ran a totally rad three-part on Neil Gaiman, featuring an unreadable apocalypse-inducing hypothetical book in three formats: hardcover, audio & digital. Yeah, Twitter went nuts. Start here.

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