Saturday, October 30, 2010

Catching up with Danielle Pafunda

Our dear D always has a lot going on! Here's a rundown of what she's been up to lately.

Yesterday, a piece from her series-in-progress "The Dead Girls Speak in Unison" was featured as the Poem of the Day by the Academy of American Poets at, complete with a cool little flash video in Text Flow.

Nic Sebastian offers this mellifluous audio performance of Danielle's poem "The Girls in the Apartment Upstairs," at Whale Sound.

Susana Gardner speaks up for Danielle's latest book, Iatrogenic: Their Testimonies, at Steve Evans' annual Third Factory Attention Span. (As usual, the whole list is fascinating and you'll find some new loves.) And you can purchase the book from Noemi Press here.

She offers her thoughts on the state of American poetry (along with many others!) in this forum-type piece in a recent edition of The Huffington Post.

And the formidable Ms. Pafunda continues to mix it up with the women of VIDA & Pussipo.

Look for her frequently on the new group blog sponsored by Action Books, Montevidayo.

As always, we encourage you to greedily obtain a copy of My Zorba here.

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