Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Mystery of the Hidden Driveway makes HuffPo's list of must reads

Peter Davis gets a nod too. Pretty cool.

The Mystery of the Hidden Driveway (Bloof, 2010), Jennifer L. Knox.

Who says poetry must always take itself so damn seriously? Jennifer L. Knox is undoubtedly writing some of the funniest verse ever set down in print, which in itself is a revolutionary, countercultural act given the insufferable gravity of the vast bulk of poems ever written or published. Yet Knox's approach is also resolutely historical, as it hearkens back to an earlier Age when the stories of the times were all told in verse, and there were no better lips to hear the missteps, misfires, and mischiefs of a nation's culture from than those of the Poet. You won't necessarily laugh at -- or even get -- every joke, but you'll laugh plenty, and you'll certainly be thankful poets like Knox are keeping us all on our toes. Precious few poets have worked this particular vein of late, but they're out there: others include, but are not limited to, Matthew Guenette (American Busboy, 2011), Peter Davis (Hitler's Mustache, 2006), [and Poetry! Poetry! Poetry! (Bloof, 2010) AHEM!] and to a lesser (but by no means less interesting) extent, Anthony McCann (Father of Noise, 2003).

See the rest of the list here.

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