Monday, November 28, 2011

New review of Drunk by Noon in BUST

I opened Jennifer L. Knox's Drunk by Noon (Bloof Books) and flipped to a random poem titled"I Am a Girl." "With a very big dick" is the opening line, and as I continued to read I soon understood the intoxicating ruckus I was getting myself into. Knox describers her lady-trunk as the innards of a geode, "The walls wink and beep tiny lights. / You can't fuck it unless you're / made of numbers." She ends with, "I'm telling you this because / I must be ready for the crow with God / knows what behind the big pussy / strapped to its face." If dirty language was a whiskey bottle and a tornado of emotions downed in one sitting, Drunk by Noon would be its glorious puke. Another standout poem, "Music to Watch Girls By in the Mysterious Perfect Infinitive" ends with a fantastic observational question: "How could I have known true love / would come, briefly, on one leg, after 56 Jello shots / in an upstate fraternity basement listening to Ted Nugent's 'Wango Tango,' / so drunk I'd just fucked a pile of phonebooks?" Knox's collection of profoundly amusing and bold poems will make you want to drunk dial this book over and over again, with no regrets. [AMBER TAMBLYN]
Get a copy of Drunk by Noon here. And probably you're gonna want to save some shipping by just ordering A Gringo Like Me and The Mystery of the Hidden Driveway at the same time.

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