Monday, December 3, 2012

If you must order from Amazon...

 ...please do it using one of our alt listings that look like the screenshot below.

We get a bigger cut this way (so we can print more books) and also the books that come from here are guaranteed to be correctly printed and bound.

We've had a couple of reports of Amazon-ordered books having no spine text, fuzzy interior texts, and or random sections of other books stuck inside the bindings. They print and bind their copies themselves, so we have no control over them, alas.

It's always best (most advantageous for the creators, including the authors) to shop via small press websites, independent bookstore partners, or from distributors like SPD (which we don't use but lots of our friends do).

But if you must use Amazon, please do it this way.

If you previously ordered a screwy copy of any of our books from Amazon, let us know, even if you returned it (and we hope you did).

The books sent directly from us are from a totally different printer and look fantastic, promise.

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