Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bloof News: February

Hey look, it's February somehow. It's been a busy year already.

Here's what's been going on with us:

TINA by Peter Davis is currently being printed. We'll have early copies with us at AWP, and preordering will begin soon too. The official release date is May 1, but subscribers get copies in March, as will reviewers.

If you're on Instagram, you can see some of the photos of the book in progress here, or via our Facebook page here.

Pete's previous Bloof book, Poetry! Poetry! Poetry! got a nice shoutout from Cristin O'Keefe Aptowicz   at Treehouse as one of the "Five Contemporary Books [She's] Given to Other Writers as Gifts More Than Once."

And there's this video too, up at the Volta.

As of a few days ago, we've officially started on Jared White's chapbook, This Is What It Is Like to Be Loved by Me, the second in our new series. We've decided on a design concept and are shopping for cover stock, trying out typefaces, all that good stuff. Copies will be available later this month. (Or you can subscribe now to receive all 6 chapbooks in the series for a discount here, while supplies last. Each is limited to 100 copies.)

And don't miss this essay on Eileen Myles that Jared recently published in the Aviary.

Next up in the chapbook series will be NONSTOP POP by Becca Klaver. So more about that soon too. In the meantime, here's a new interview with Becca by Eva Heisler, at Coldfront: part one, part two

Becca also has a great essay up on the film Foxfire, as part of the ongoing Chick Flix series at Delirious Hem (curated by our own Jennifer L. Knox). 

Sandra Simonds  was interviewed by Tony Trigilio for his new show, Radio Free Albion. Listen here (direct link) and view the archives of the show here.

Sandra also published 3 of the sonnets from her forthcoming Bloof book House of Ions in the Brooklyn Rail, here. And another at Better.

Sandra's reading in Chicago tomorrow, February 13 for Columbia College. And Saturday, February 16 for the Dollhouse Series.

Kirsten Kaschock's Next Big Thing Q&A is here. (And we'll have news about her forthcoming chapbook soon too!)

Jennifer L. Knox has been posting a new essay every day since January 1 in the Chick Flix series she's curated for Delirious Hem. So many amazing takes on the term and the films by dozens of our fave poets & writers!

And she interviewed Raymond McDaniel about his new book for HTMLGiant, here.

If you're headed to the Mission Creek Festival in Iowa City in April, be sure to say hello to Jen and pick up a copy of The Mystery of the Hidden Driveway. She's a part of this incredible lineup.

Danielle Pafunda's Dusie Press book Manhater (2012) was selected by Ms. Magazine as one of the Best Books of 2012. We're looking forward to getting started on her forthcoming Bloof book Natural History Rape Museum (2013) when we get back from AWP!

Shanna Compton has two poems in the current issue of Barrelhouse, and one of them is online here with annotations about how it changed between this draft and the final version in Brink.

Another poem from Brink recently appeared as the poem of the day for Verse Daily. 

Elisabeth Workman, author of the forthcoming Ultramegaprairieland (2014), has a terrific new interview up here, courtesy of the Creative Writing Program at University of Minnesota. 

Elisabeth also has a terrific essay on Kill Bill in the aforementioned Chick Flix series at Delirious Hem.

Yeah, so, other than those million things....we're finalizing details for our various events at AWP in March (details coming soon) and also for the Buffalo Small Press Bookfair in April (ditto), as well as a GA/KY trip in May.

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