Monday, August 5, 2013

We're back

The BLOOF store is now reopened after vacation. You may also order from our new store at Square Market, if you prefer.

Thanks for your orders while we were away. We're working on getting them out now. 

The new printing of Jennifer L. Knox's THE MYSTERY OF THE HIDDEN DRIVEWAY is now in stock and a new batch of A GRINGO LIKE ME should arrive later in the week. Everything else (except Jared White's sold-out chapbook) is in stock as well. 

& catching up with other news…

We're continuing to read the chapbook submissions from our Open Reading Period in June. So many delights! 

If you missed Jennifer's new poems at Lemon Hound, check them out now: 

The writers get zipped to the gigs
on golf carts like white blood cells
to a wound. But who among us asks
the hairlipped immigrant slopping up
spilt beer with a unwringable ragmop,
“Where does it hurt—you, of no nametag?”
Plastic butter packets and syrup over-
flow their waffle wall levies. Voices at the
mic are lower with holes in the middle.
Arms in the sex poems, lithe and cast swan-
neck shadows on the nowhere white bedroom
walls. Friends, picnics, white café lights. Tits
are swell and come in twos.
(Read all three here.)

Publishers Weekly also reviewed BRINK by Shanna Compton last week: 

"[T]his third volume is all sorts of breakthrough: in two restrained sequences and two sets of wild, outrĂ©, funny stand-alone lyrics, Compton does as much as anyone yet to represent the way her youngish people live now, the alterable, friable, quizzical, digital, comical voice of a plugged-in, sexed-out, and reluctantly but unmistakably political cohort."  (Read the rest.)

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