Saturday, March 29, 2014

It's almost April…

 …and that means, NaPoWriMo.*

Once we get underway, we'll be tagging each posts with its author's name so it's easy to sort through the madness. Here's a tag menu:
Some of us will be posting new drafts. Some of us may be writing for a set period of time and posting an excerpt from whatever we get that day. Some of us may be revising previously drafted poems.  Some of us may steal lines from each other and riff on those. Anything goes.

Some of us will be erasing drafts after 24 hours, (they are drafts, after all). So if you want to keep up with everything, check daily. You can also keep up by following the links we'll post at Facebook (click like, then get notifications) and Twitter.

* "The NaPoWriMo website is owned and operated by Maureen Thorson, a poet living in Washington, DC. She started writing a poem a day for the month of April back in 2003, posting the poems on her blog. When other people started writing poems for April, and posting them on their own blogs, Maureen linked to them. After a few years, so many people were doing NaPoWriMo that Maureen decided to launch an independent website for the project.  But the site isn’t meant to be “official,” or to indicate ownership or authority over the idea of writing 30 poems in April. There is no corporate sponsorship of this project. No money is intended to change hands anywhere. Maureen just likes poems and wants to encourage people to write them."

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