Monday, June 2, 2014

Note about our new email newsletter

If you've…

• purchased a book or chapbook from our site or via Square
• submitted a chapbook to our open reading period
• published a book or chapbook with Bloof
• asked to be added

…then you're being added to our new email newsletter list via Mailchimp.

This email newsletter is only for major announcements like new releases, exclusive discounts, big event invitations (not every single reading), and news re: our annual OPEN CHAPBOOK READING PERIOD.

Newsletters will go out once a month (or less) and you may opt out at any time.

This is in response to requests at the bookfairs (thanks!) and the changes to Facebook that have hobbled our Page there to near oblivion unless we pay to show you our news.

Thank you for your ongoing enthusiasm and support!


PS: If you don't get the first newsletter later this week, you're not on the list. Send us a note at info (at) bloofbooks (dot) com to request it, or sign up in the sidebar over there (upper right) ------------>

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