Saturday, November 29, 2014

Bundle up!

Since we've gotten a few queries about holiday sales, we figure we should remind you: We always have bundle deals available on the paperbacks, for very good discounts and free shipping.

We've added our two newest books to the list of choices: The Sonnets by Sandra Simonds and Ultramegaprairieland by Elisabeth Workman.

2 books $26 (a $10 discount)
3 books $39 (a $12 discount)
4 books $51 (a $15 discount)
5 books $61 (a $20 discount)

Available for bundle discounts:

The Sonnets by Sandra Simonds
Ultramegaprairieland by Elisabeth Workman
Natural History Rape Museum by Danielle Pafunda
Tina by Peter Davis
Brink by Shanna Compton
The Mystery of the Hidden Driveway by Jennifer L. Knox 
Poetry! Poetry! Poetry! by Peter Davis 
Warsaw Bikini by Sandra Simonds 
My Zorba by Danielle Pafunda
For Girls (& Others) by Shanna Compton
Drunk by Noon by Jennifer L. Knox
A Gringo Like Me by Jennifer L. Knox
Down Spooky by Shanna Compton

Subscriptions for 2015 should be available in December, but we're not ready to announce the contents quite yet. If you'd like to preorder a subscription as a holiday gift though, we can set that up! Email us at sales [at] bloofbooks [dot] com.

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