Friday, January 16, 2015

Announcing the 2015 Chapbook Series

Eagle Nebula's pillars of creation (NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope)

We opened for our annual reading period in August, and were both thrilled—and honestly a little overwhelmed—by the response. 

We received more chapbook manuscripts than ever before—twice as many as the first year we called for them—and still had way too many in our must-have pile after several readings. 

So it took us longer than expected to finalize our decisions. 

But we did it, finally. And we couldn't be happier about this list!

2015 Chapbook Series
  • Khadijah Queen: Exercises in Painting
  • Ginger Ko: Inherit 
  • Maureen Thorson: The Woman, the Mirror, the Eye
  • Jenn Marie Nunes & Mel Coyle: HYMN: An Ovulution
  • Alyssa Lynee: Knotted
  • Catie Rosemurgy: First the Burning & Then the Witches

And a bonus graphic chapbook
  • Nikki Wallschlaeger: I Hate Telling You How I Really Feel

Plus the already scheduled books 
  • Jennifer L. Knox: Days of Shame & Failure
  • Sharon Mesmer: Title TBD
  • Shanna Compton: The Hazard Cycle

2015 subscriptions are available in our Square Store or via PayPal


Or purchase via PayPal:

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As always, the chapbooks are limited to 100 copies each. Subscriptions are sold out once any of the chapbooks are sold out (though we can sometimes offer substitutions). 


We'd also like to recognize the following poets, whose outstanding manuscripts made our decision process so tough. We found ourselves wishing we had space for them all, but we'll be looking for these books elsewhere, and hope to see them in existence soon.

  • Hanna Andrews   Arcana
  • Jennifer Bartlett   The Hindrances of a Householder
  • Julia Bloch   Chronology
  • Dan Brady   Stroke Diary
  • Lisa Cattrone   My Secret Life
  • Liz Countryman   Phobia Formation
  • Marisa Crawford   Big Brown Bag
  • Zoe Dzunko   Selfless
  • J. Hope Stein   I Lob You
  • Lo Kwa Mei-en   Daughters & Citizens
  • Clara Lipfert   In the Dining Room You Saw a Phantom While I Killed Time
  • Kate Litterer   Ghosty Boo's Terror Rooms
  • Justin Marks   I Am Very Influenceable
  • Roberto Montes   No Subject
  • Alexis Pope   Bodies
  • Molly Rose Quinn   One Small Part of My Youth
  • Jess Rowan   snwpoems
  • Metta S├íma   the year we turned dragon
  • Justin Sherwood   Low Theory
  • Laura Sims   The Olga Poems
  • Nicole Steinberg   This World Is Beneath Me
  • Laura Theobald   Edna Poems
  • Reagan Louise Wilson   Roses but Really Roses

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