Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What's next: Bloof Books 2012-2013

BRINK (vol 1 of 2), poems by Shanna Compton

TINA, poems by Peter Davis
NATURAL HISTORY RAPE MUSEUM, poems by Danielle Pafunda
THE SEAM (vol 2 of 2), a long poem by Shanna Compton

We are currently planning a preview tour,
we will read to you from these things & other things.

We have some other projects coming during these
seasons, that we are not quite ready to unveil yet.

Plans include experiments with digital formats,
like e-books and mobile apps, as well as
handmade things and special editions.

Some of these special projects will include
poets not previously published by Bloof.

So please visit again, for updates. Dates may shift.
Thank you, as always, for your enthusiastic support.


shannon smith said...

ooo! very excited. can't wait to see everything! go bloof!

Jennifer L. Knox said...

What a lineup! Love it!