Tuesday, June 2, 2015

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New releases from Bloof...and one of our favorite fellow small presses.

When June comes dancing o'er the death of May*

Our 6-in-1 compilation is ready for summer reading

Bloof is thrilled to announce the publication of the first volume of our new paperback chapbook compilation: BOUND: The First Array. The anthology collects the six out-of-print chapbooks from our 2013 handmade series, including: 
  • Poems Are the Only Real Bodies by Jennifer Tamayo
  • scenes from the lives of my parents by Pattie McCarthy
  • Windowboxing by Kirsten Kaschock
  • Packing by Hailey Higdon
  • This Is What It Is Like to Be Loved by Me by Jared White
  • Nonstop Pop by Becca Klaver
With BOUND, we're responding to readers' requests for the chapbooks in paperback format and extended availability, beyond their limited handmade runs. They're ideal for course adoptions and circulating libraries too. We've been true to the handmade chapbooks' original designs inside, maintaining their unique formatting and presenting full-color photographs of their original covers. Future volumes are planned—one for each year of the Bloof Books Chapbooks Series. Volume 2 is coming soon!

BOUND: The First Array
8 x 8 perfect bound paperback
Full-color & bw illustrations
$20 + $2.50 shipping
ISBN: 978-0-9826587-8-9

Order via Square (and more photos)
Order via PayPal
*Claude McKay, "A Memory of June"
The Woman, the Mirror, the Eye by Maureen Thorson
"Writing is a vain, heartbreaking, and lonely act, like waving at oneself in a mirror."

NEW CHAPBOOK! The first chapbook in our 2015 handmade series debuted at bookfairs in April and is also currently being enjoyed by subscribers. The Woman, the Mirror, the Eye presents an interconnected prose poem series written in the wake of Thorson's diagnosis with a rare eye disorder that threatened to destroy her vision. As she mourns the darkness of her possible future, she nevertheless brings much beauty (and wry humor) to light, rifling sources ranging through Greek philosophy, Chinese folklore, contemporary psychology, and more. If you don't have a copy yet, it's not too late. Grab one of the remaining 100 for $8. (More info.)
HYMN: An Ovulution by Mel Coyle & Jenn Marie Nunes
It's throwback Thursday and Hera posts her uterus" 

NEW CHAPBOOK! The second chapbook in our 2015 handmade series also debuted at bookfairs in April and has gone out to annual subscribers. HYMN: An Ovulation is a glorious mashup: two voices become one in a work that's part hymnal, part manifesto, and totally compelling. Exuberantly erotic, righteously angry, and hilarious by turns, the verses alternate with an obsessive refrain to create an irresistible call and response. Mel, Jenn Marie & their guiding goddess Hera call you out and call you to action in this pink-and-gold uterine wonder. If you missed your chance in April, it's not too late to start humming. Grab one of the remaining 100 for $8. (More info.)
Six new titles from our friends at COCONUT BOOKS

NEW COCONUTS! We're almost as excited about these as we are our own books (as usual). The spring assortment from Coconut Books is astoundingly good—we just got our copies and have been digging in eagerly.

• Veronica Bench by Leopoldine Core
• Caroline Who Will You Pray to Now That You Are Deadby Caroline Crew (chapbook)
• Swan Feast by Natalie Eilbert
• The Rest Is Censored by K. Lorraine Graham
• Motherlover by Ginger Ko
• Self-Portrait in Plants by James Sanders

Read more about them at the Coconut site, which (of course!) is open and ready to fill your giddy orders.

Also watch our Twitter feed the rest of this week, where we'll be sharing our favorite lines from each, reviews, blurbs, & more. 

Next month we'll have news of our next Bloof chapbooks, preorder discounts for our two fall Bloof Books, and news about Coconut's fall books as well—another killer lineup. See you in July. <3 span="">
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