Saturday, March 12, 2016

FAQ: Next open reading period & 2016 subscriptions

Our 2016 Schedule

Getting several questions about this so I'm gonna informally say it here: Bloof Books is full for 2016 for paperbacks.

We took on four extra books midway through 2015 that were not originally on our schedule (a wonderful, beautiful thing, but definitely extra work!) and our 2015 slate of chapbooks has been extended into 2016 as we work together to schedule all the stuff.

Of the 2015 chaps we've still got three more to go: Catie Rosemurgy, Khadijah Queen & Ginger Ko.

In 2016 so far, we've already done one chap, Nikki Wallschlaeger's, and two books—Natalie Eilbert's and Ginger Ko's. K. Lorraine Graham & Danielle Pafunda are coming up with paperbacks next. Then Becca Klaver is scheduled for fall, also in paperback. 

That's a pretty full year. I also have a book (my own) I took off the schedule and would very much like to put back on.

However, I would like to add at least one or two chaps, and later in the year we might be able to open for a brief period to consider 2017 titles of any length, though we also have some things already in the 2017 hopper (not finalized but first in line for consideration).

Anyway, right now that's the goal. 

Our 2016 Subscription

Yes! We can do that. UPDATE: These are now available.


Swan Feast by Natalie Eilbert
Motherlover by Ginger Ko
The Rest Is Censored by K. Lorraine Graham
The Dead Girls Speak in Unison by Danielle Pafunda
Empire Wasted by Becca Klaver
The Hazard Cycle by Shanna Compton

Exercises in Painting by Khadijah Queen
First the Burning & Then the Witches by Catie Rosemurgy
Inherit by Ginger Ko

*The chapbooks will be limited in quantity, since each is already half sold out based on existing preorders.

If you're on the Bloof email list (sign up in the right sidebar), you will get first notice of any future Open Reading Periods and Subscription offers, when those happen. 

Thank you for your interest & for supporting all these fantastic books. 

This is the best job ever. 

Shanna, for Bloof

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