Friday, March 21, 2008

Gearing up... get on the road, assuming the Midwest doesn't completely wash away in all these floods!

Without the following folks, we'd be spending National Poetry Month at our day jobs, which would be way less fun:

Katie Steinbrecher & Furrow magazine in Milwaukee
Amy Guth in Chicago
Jessica Block & Ann M. Erickson of Tributaries, Didi Menendez & Gabriel Gudding in Normal/Bloomington
Anne Boyer & Robert L. Baumann in Lawrence
Adam Deutsch in Urbana/Champaign
Peter Davis in Muncie (Pete made the cool flyer above)
Nate Logan in Moorhead/Fargo

Here's a story on the Illinois Wesleyan University conference we'll be doing in Bloomington on April 5. The conference is free and open to all. You can register online and get a full list of the events here.

And yes, we are then getting in the car and driving to Lawrence, KS to do a reading for An Actual Kansas later that same day. Because that's how we roll. (Compared to the 2005 tour, this is cake.)

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