Thursday, March 6, 2008

The (naughty) birds & the (bloofy) bees

Hello, friends of Bloof. Here are a few new newsy bits for you:

1) Jennifer L. Knox is guestblogging at the Best American Poetry blog this week. Her first post was on animal sex (note: not sex with animals, sex between animals). Her second is allllllll about Burt Reynolds. What will she say next? Only one way to find out. She didn't think she could blog, but heck, she seems like a natural!

2) Which reminds us to tell you that Jen's poem "Another Motive for Metaphor" appears in The Best American Erotic Poetry, edited by David Lehman. (Scribner, 2008). You can read all the poems that come (ahem) before and after it in its native habitat, A Gringo Like Me.That's sexy.

3) Along with 99 other poets, Jennifer L. Knox and Shanna Compton appear in Poet's Bookshelf II, edited by Peter Davis & Tom Koontz, which is also a new release. (Barnwood, 2008). Shanna includes Dr. Seuss in her top 10, no kidding. You can sample her essay and a few new poems in the new issue of the DMQ Review too.

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