Monday, March 31, 2008

New reviews of Drunk by Noon & For Girls (& Others)

John Findura has written a terrific review of Drunk by Noon for Jacket:
Knox may have hit on a truth much deeper than she knew when she finished off the first poem in the book, ‘Yowl of the Obese Spaniel’, with the line ‘I’m never gonna have sex, I’d sure like to kill something.’ It just feels very American, as it goes through the brains of millions of teenagers all over the world. [...] These are not poems to be placed on a pedestal. They are to be read and, most importantly, enjoyed. Knox gets it.

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And...the other day we mentioned that Powell's is offering For Girls as a prize in their April poetry contest, but they've also added it to the Staff Recommendations with a blurb by Sheila A. of the Poetry Team:
"In For Girls (& Others), Shanna Compton commandeers the prim, repressed language of antique advice books for girls and deftly manipulates it into subversion. Compton shows that while the style of these books is outmoded, the constricting messages they espouse are still, unfortunately, very much the norm. This collection made me laugh; it made me angry; it made me not shave my legs today."

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