Monday, April 15, 2013

Mister Lonely

   “You can live forever
     and you can live forever—”

You can say goodbye
to your room
item by item
then put on your hat
and say adiós

     “Sisters, are you ready?”

sound of habits
in a free fall
whipping and torn

a soft landing
in the gully
where they pulled
the ship over
the mountain

Was it the movie
   or the making of—

A life so other
you crave it
wanna lick it down

     “Dear World,
      Dear World and everyone in it,
      from the moment I was born
      I remember feeling different…”

Honest Abe makes a promise
to kill the sheep

          “sheep or shit”

“my life don’t count for nothin’—”

    “to the dreams who make us who we are—”

             “there’s no truer souls
               than those who impersonate”

     “The Greatest Show on Earth!”

Dead Marilyn tells living Michael
to follow his destiny

This was 2007

   “That’s show business, folks”

   “The wonder of it—”

     a love song to the movies
              or vaudeville

in the end
a boyish haircut
a red polo
alone in the middle
of the crowd

and the plane crashes
of course

“we can make it seem better
                for a while”

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