Sunday, April 7, 2013

Salon Notes

In Canada in the 70s
women's studies professors were falling ill
and getting murdered

             the power wrought by violence

Procter & Gamble
offers to help fund
a women's studies program

              the violence wrought by

      narratives of subjection
      from pure degradation
      to creation & becoming

an archive that shoots into the future
an archive that builds buildings

     "What are we to do
       with photographs such as these?"

a sort-of education
     at the Crystal Palace School
          in London

Thomas Stearns says sorry
for the wild goose chase, the tarot cards

      Jessie Weston lives tonight

"criticism engaged with the world"

where do we draw the line
on appropriation of voice?

       "print the legend"

       the history of losers


shanna said...

Checkbox: dammmmmmn!

elisabeth workman said...


I wanna be in yr salon!

becca said...

Elisabeth, lemme know the next time you're in NYC and we'll have a salon/girl-gang-recruitment-fair just for you! Danielle & friends are doing one here May 14.