Monday, April 7, 2008

Funcie in Muncie & some reports

We're in Champaign--Illinois has been real good to us--three times now! Headed for Muncie in a bit, where we'll talk with Peter Davis's classes then read at the MT Cup tonight. One of our favorite spots from the 2005 tour, so we're excited.

Here are a few other reports:

Amy Guth on Chicago

Brandi Homan on Chicago

Anne Boyer on our impromptu house-reading-slumber-party in Lawrence (yes that was as fun as it sounds--check the Gabcast player for some recordings.)

Adam Deutsch on yesterday's reading here in Champaign

Every day I wake up and feel incredibly lucky to be in whatever state/city/hotel/house/highway/diner we are in, and that's such a good feeling. But we miss Danielle now!

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